As disciples of Christ, we must cultivate the rhythms, attitudes, and disciplines that align our hearts with the pulse of God’s story. As his children, we must celebrate the work that He has done and give thanks for everything, and often. And as created beings, we must create. We create to process, we create to share, we create to worship. We create so that what is known can be deeply integrated into our souls and throughout our lives. We create because we are created in the image of our Creator.



The City On a Hill A story by Laurèn Heffner


Visual Art

These original characters were created for our Kids Prayer Book, written by Laurèn Heffner and Illustrated by Allisah Solorio. To request your own copy of the book email

Also within that book, you will find Allisah’s visual representation of the Biblical story arch. This one shown above is the moment of creation.

Creation by Allisah Solorio



This beautiful little lamb was created by Allisah Solorio as part of our Advent 2017.


Mary and Baby sign Advent 2018.jpg

This beautiful piece was created by Ashley Soto for our Advent 2018 series at Redeemer Church.


Each week of the Advent series represents a different part of the Messianic Prophesy in Isaiah 9. Ashley’s job as the artist was to visually represent each part of the prophecy.



God Is All-Powerful 

by Makaila

Impossible storms. Endless seas.

More than a few times I’ve found myself trapped.

Clinging to the capsized boat, back against the sea,

immobilized at the shores of an impassible river,

marooned, abandoned, longing to be free.


But the trap is a lie. You have promised the truth.

When I pass through the waters, You will be with me.


You are more endless than the ocean, stronger then the sea.

You make it rain, you part the waves–my God–creation’s reigning King.


You gather chaos into a designated place

You part seas until they become my valley in the deep,

your soldiers in my battle, your glory in my enemy’s defeat.

At your word, rivers become walls, my fixed path into promised territory.


Ocean walking, storm commanding, Officer of the deep

You create. You defy. You are my everything.

With you there are no impossible storms


You are the only endless sea.



The Jealous Artist

by Makaila

T.S. Eliot once said, 

“the purpose of literature

is to turn blood into ink.”

I suppose the same could be said

of any maker and their art—

the substance comes when

something in you,

a defining essence,

a visceral feeling

is given a frame,

fleshed out with

contouring lines

and varying hues

until you can see

and hear

and touch

that something inside of you.


I am the blood of God

inked into existence.

Every push and pull

of his hand upon the clay

is intentional. He is no novice.

The earth obeys his touch.

He is the master

I am his workmanship,

the poetry of his heart.


To corrupt the design

is to dishonor the maker.

He is jealous for me.

And as I return to Him

The art of my essence

grows pure and strong.

I am his design and I shall

honor him with every breath.